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Upcoming Events

Gap Standers International provides events on a consistent basis and we want to always make sure you know where we are going to be at and where you can connect with us.

It’s ime to seeek the Lord while He may be found. Call uponHim while He is near..jpeg

Previous Events

Check out what we have been doing! Stay tuned more. 


Gap Standers International Conference 2024

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Gapstanders Monthly Encounter: May 2023


As It Is In Heaven 2023 Prayer Conference

FRI JUN 30.png

Gapstanders Monthly Meeting:
June 2023 | All Night Prayer

Gapstanders Monthly Meeting:
July 29, 2023 | Feat Pastor Ken Johnson, Prophetess Twyla Brown and Worship by Destiny Crockett

FRI JUN 30.png

Gapstanders Monthly Meeting:
September 30th, 2023

Gapstanders Monthly Meeting:
October 28th, 2023
Prophetess Pam Vinnett + 
Caleb Sean

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